Vive memor quam sis aevi brevis.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

It made me smile...

A text from my daughter:

                                                    "I'm rebuilding a Peugeot!"

Uh, mais non...

           ...mais ├ža.
She's working with the folks at Bike Saviours to restore an old UO-8 to service and to add to her growing fleet. It will join the elderly Vista 3-speed she got last year. The Vista is the errand and general transport-around-town bike, and i'm guessing the Peugeot will be for longer rides when the summer  heat isn't too crazy high.

i have to admit to feeling fatherly pride to hear that my firstborn has taken up the wrench. She sent along a picture of her work-in-progress, but the image on my DumbPhone won't load to this site. She's just replaced the bottom bracket and is planning to have a rideable vehicle in another week or so. 

i am however going to advise her to think about changing out those simplex derailleurs for Suntours.

There are several organizations like the Bike Saviours in many cities. i highly recommend seeking out one such outfit near you and giving  them a hand or a donation of bikes or parts so they can continue their mission.