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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Why Self-driving Cars Won't Catch On

Random thoughts during this morning's ride, inspired by observation of  typical US driving habits...

i believe that the self-driving car will never be popular in the USA. Here's my short-list of reasons:

The Auto-piloted car will:

1) always drive the posted speed limit,

2) come to a complete stop at every stop sign at all times,

3) accelerate smoothly and gradually from a complete stop (no "jack-rabbit" starts,)

4) not pull sudden U-turns,

5) never drag race the auto-pilot car in the next lane,

6) never go around a lowered railroad gate.

i am convinced that no American driver will tolerate these operational conditions and limitations, especially when it comes to speed limits and stop signs.

Add to that the costs of adding reliable infrastructure and technology to major US highways and arterial roads to support/guide these vehicles. i don't have a real big picture of American taxpayers footing that bill to improve even the most important major roadways, and forget about all the rest of the country's barely driveable roads and streets.

i think we'll be looking at a modern, high-tech version of the Edsel.

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