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Sunday, 10 July 2016

More turtles

A two-turtle ride:

Along Cuba road

Along Oak Knoll rd.
  i hate seeing roadkill. Anyone who's done any amount of road riding has seen more  than enough of it: the deer on the verge, the various slow squirrels, chipmunks, opossums, raccoons, innumerable birds...
Whenever i get a chance i try to rescue turtles, usually by just nudging them along off the road, or sometimes picking them up and dropping them into a nearby pond or stream. i don't know why these fellas saunter onto the tarmac- maybe because it's nice and warm, or it's just in the path to another marsh, or perhaps it's some reptilian curiosity about "what's over there?"
(Not to scale)
When they get to this size, i recon they've reached a pretty good age.
Some of  the roads i ride over run next to wetlands, and turtle sightings are not uncommon. Recently i encountered a rather large snapper -wish i'd had a camera. A passing driver stopped and we coaxed it out of the road with a long-handled shovel -neither of us were getting near that maw!

Behold the turtle! He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

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