Vive memor quam sis aevi brevis.

Thursday, 18 February 2016


Late February. Today the temperature will be above freezing and the roads are generally dry and ice-free. The first brevets of the season are but a few weeks away. The bikes are softly calling my name (can't you hear them?)

And i am sitting on my butt. The more i think about the many small tasks lurking for me downstairs, the more rooted i'm become.

On the workstand hangs my trusty road bike, a c.1982 Specialized Allez, like the ones featured in that classic flick "American Flyers." The bars freshly retaped in blue Velox, awaiting a second coat of shellac, the chain needing a good flush and oiling, perhaps a bottom bracket regreasing, and a thorough cleaning. i started in yesterday and took my sweet time about the retape... maybe it'll be done later today-

or tomorrow.

In a corner leans the beginnings of another project: the newly built alloy-rimmed front wheel for my '71 Phillips 3 speed, the bike i hope to complete in time for the Lake Pepin ride in May. The rear wheel awaits its turn, and i've compiled the shopping list for the rebuild, just trying to decide if i'll bother with a repray or leave it its faded and scuffed team-issue matte black... been hanging fire on that one for almost 3 years.

The big accomplishment of the year was restoring my Mercian to operational status- a project that was about 12 years in the process.

The rest of the fleet awaits attention: Colette, my venerable  PX-10, did receive new tape last week but still needs a good going-over. My go-to bike for general riding around, she's the highest-mileage machine in the stable.

i've never been much of  a hard-charging get-it-done kind of person, but these winter doldrums have really take hold lately. i know that i need to get outside and ride today, but mostly i feel like curling up with a good book, after checking in on the Retrogrouch , Mid-life Cycling, and Lovely Bicycle...

Ah, well... let these be the worst things i have to face today. Time to get moving. See you on the road.

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