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Saturday, 13 February 2016

So, who is this guy?

This grim fellow in my avatar is Giusto Cerutti, walking out the 7th stage of the 1928 Tour de France. Back in the early days of the Tour, a rider was basically on his own for support, meaning he bought and maintained his own gear.  Giusto has fallen off and roached his front wheel and banged up his knee. i haven't been able to learn where along the stage he was at the time, or how he finally got back in, but it is clear that he abandoned after the stage.

Giusto was born 9 March, 1903 in San Giusto Canavese (Piemonte), Italy. He raced professionally from 1927 to 1932. i could find little else about his life, but i seem to recall he rode the Tour more than once. Giusto went on to live a long -and presumably happy- life after his cycling career; he died at the age of 90 on 17 December, 1993, in Torino (Piemonte.)

Giusto Cerutti is one of my heroes from what i consider to be the Golden Age of Cycling. Future posts here may feature some of my other heroes (and villains) of the sport.

If anyone happens to read this and can pass along any further info about Signor Cerutti, please let me know? Graze!

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