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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Knee

(Cyclist's achy knee joints...)

Easter Knee is a term i first heard many years ago, and occasionally saw in print, but don't encounter very often any more. Older riders who've been at it for years know it, but it's a term that often draws a blank look from the younger crowd. i tried to google it tonight, but pretty much came up empty, so i guess it's a phrase soon to be lost to the ages.

The way i got the story was it had to do with British cyclists who, no matter the temperatures, stopped wearing their cold-weather kit on Easter Sunday, and the resultant rheumatism that set in in later years. i heard it from my friend Kendra who'd ridden for a team that had an Englishman for a coach- that may explain why it's not so widely known a term on this side of the Pond.

i was coached fairy early on that one should keep one's knees covered in any temperature below about 68F. It's advice i've followed religiously- often to the amusement of cycling partner ( it was not unknown for me to be seen racing at the velodrome in my legwarmers on a cool evening.)

Despite my careful efforts, my knees tend to be achy. Some folks don't seem to be bothered by riding bare-kneed on days when i'd be swaddled in my warmest kit. Seeing them on days like that seems to make my knees ache just a wee bit more out of empathy.

Today it was around 65F when i set out. My knees were covered- only just- by a light pair of knickers. That turned out to be plenty as this Easter Sunday quickly became summery.

My old knees ache just a little bit tonight, but i'm not blaming Easter... it's actually a good kind of ache that reminds me i did something today.

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