Vive memor quam sis aevi brevis.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Mundhank road, 10:30, Palm Sunday morning

A gaggle of the godly...

Some leaving...

A few more arriving for the late sleepers' service.   

The local mega-church.

A sprawling campus...

The parking lot on a weekday last summer.

My ride today was briefly interrupted by a churchly traffic jam. i'd failed to realize that the congregants would be especially numerous today, Palm Sunday. When the traffic officer waved me through, the drivers had left enough room along the edge of the road for me to safely filter up the next half mile to the stop light. For this i am grateful.

  i try to time my Sunday rides to pass this way well before or after services. It's actually more hazardous to be caught on Mundhank around arrival time- maybe folks are in a hurry to get a good seat in the rear pews...

Willow Creek Church is blessed with a huge, mostly well-to-do, fully tithed congregation. i am not a member of this church, but consider myself a confirmed member of The Church of the Individual Covenant. Its chapel is found on any back road, its roof the open sky, my pew is the seat of my bike. 

i am a tad irreverent, i hope not too offensively so, something i  think i caught during my seminary days... i really hope that any god out there has a sense of humour. (i think they must- look at the platypus!)

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